Elevator Etiquette18 Elevator Etiquette For Your Safety

From childhood, we have been inculcated with a value system that tells us to be well mannered and follow rules wherever applicable. Whether we are at our home, school, college, office, restaurant, any other public place or in an elevator, it is expected that we put our best behavior forward.

This holds even when it comes to boarding or exiting elevators at different places. Today, elevators are installed at cinema halls, malls, airports or housing societies for swift movement and convenience of the people. They form an integral aspect of the construction infrastructure.

So, it does become imperative that one follows some basic etiquette before, during, and while exiting from an elevator.

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing havoc globally, there is a stronger emphasis on avoiding crowding at places and the strict implementation of social distancing norms. This, has also resulted in a new set of guidelines being issued for boarding and exiting elevators.

Before we look at the general elevator etiquette in detail, let’s look at some Covid-19 specific etiquette to be followed.

18 Elevator Etiquette for your safety!

Avoid Crowding:

If the elevator is meant to be used by one person or one family or a maximum of four persons at a time (depending on the size of the lift), make sure you follow the guideline and avoid crowding. If the premise has an additional elevator, try using that.

aviod crowd Elevator Etiquette

Do Not Touch Surfaces

At any point in time, do not touch the sides, or the doors of the elevator for the fear of infection. Try pressing the buttons with your elbow, if possible, or use an object. Do not touch your face after pressing the buttons.

dont touch surface Elevator Etiquette

Stand in Designated Areas

Most workplaces and public places have installed stickers inside elevators with footmarks facing different directions to encourage the practice of social distancing. Ensure that you adhere to the rules and avoid coming in direct contact with your elevator companion.

designated areas Elevator Etiquette

Wear A Mask

While inside the elevator, continue to wear a mask. Make sure that it is covering your mouth and nose entirely. Avoid sneezing or coughing. If unavoidable, sneeze into your elbow or use a tissue.

wear mask Elevator Etiquette

Wash and Sanitize

Ensure that you wash your hands with soap and water, or sanitize them with an alcohol-based sanitizer while entering the premises, and after leaving the elevator.
Most public places that have elevators installed in their premises must also ensure that their housekeeping staff regularly sanitize the elevators to avoid any fear of infection. They must also ensure that the elevator operator is vaccinated, if possible, or is medically tested regularly.

When it comes to general elevator etiquettes, things are no different. Whether you are waiting to get into an elevator or exiting one, there are certain etiquettes to be followed. So, what are they exactly?

wash hands Elevator Etiquette

While Waiting for an Elevator

Don’t Break the Queue

If people are waiting in a queue to access the elevator, join them. Do not break the queue and try entering before them.

dont break the queue Elevator Etiquette

Give Preference to the Elderly, Women, Children and People with Disabilities

It doesn’t matter if you are a few seconds late for an event. Be courteous to the elderly, women, children and people with disabilities, and allow them to board the elevator before you.

preference Elevator Etiquettes

Stand Away from the Door

Bumping into anyone while coming out of the elevator is always an ugly sight. So, remember to stand away from the door so that you do not cause any inconvenience to the person exiting from the elevator.

stay away from doors Elevator Etiquettes

Two Floors or Less – Walk it Up!

If your destination is within the first two floors, try using the stairs to avoid your fellow elevator companion any delay in reaching their destination. You can choose to use the elevator in case you are unable to take the stairs.

stairs Elevator Etiquettes

Skip the Crowd

If the elevator opens to a crowd, skip and wait. Do not rush or barge in.

skip crowd Elevator Etiquettes

Inside the Elevator

Face the Door

Always stand facing the door to avoid any kind of awkwardness to your elevator companions. If your destination is at the last, try moving behind so that you do not cause any inconvenience to the next one boarding or people exiting. At the same time, if you are standing in the front and someone wants to exit, step out of the elevator to allow them to exit, and then move in.

face the doors Elevator Etiquettes

Offer to Press Buttons

If you are standing close to the elevator buttons, offer to press the buttons for your elevator passengers when they are unable to do so. Be sure to apologize in case you end up pressing an incorrect floor.

offer to press button Elevator Etiquettes

Hold the Door

If the elevator is not too crowded and someone is attempting to board, hold the elevator for them. However, if the elevator is already overcrowded, do not hold the door as it may cause further delay to passengers. If you are expecting a friend or colleague to board the elevator, do not wait for them or keep the elevator on hold for more than 20 seconds.

hold the door Elevator Etiquettes

Respect Space

When you are inside an elevator, respect the space and avoid crowding. As far as possible, hold your luggage closer to you so that there is space for additional passengers to board the elevator.

respect spaces Elevator Etiquettes

Be Courteous to the Elevator Operator

Most elevators in commercial spaces have an operator who takes care of ferrying the passengers. Be courteous towards them and do not get physical or abusive.

preference Elevator Etiquettes

Avoid Small Talk, Eating and Mobile Conversations

An elevator isn’t the right place to engage in small talk or gossip. Neither it is the right place to have extravagant mobile conversations or eating food. Respect the environment and exit the elevator without causing inconvenience to fellow passengers.

eating Elevator Etiquettes

While Exiting the Elevator

Exit Quickly and Gracefully

As soon as you’ve reached your destination, exit quickly and gracefully. If someone is holding the door for you, say ‘Thank You’ before moving out. In case you accidentally hurt someone with your luggage while leaving, apologize.

Call Out

If you are standing behind, and are about to reach your destination, call out and announce so that people standing in the front can adjust and make way for your exit. Wait for the elevator to stop before making your way out.

Most elevator companies, including we at Professional Elevators, believe that following elevator etiquettes will not only ensure a smooth and convenient ferrying of passengers but also keep elevators in good shape and away from frequent breakdowns from the elevator companies’ point of view.

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