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benefits of having an elevator

Benefits of Having An Elevator In Your Home/Office

Elevators are a key component for buildings and commercial spaces, which not only increases the accessibility of the building but also increases the overall aesthetic.

Be it your office or home, installing an elevator allows convenience and luxury in your own space. In this fast-paced life saving little time and energy is a need, elevators are great way to do that.

Value of Installing a Lift In Your Property

Installing a lift in your property can be a good investment. It can help improve the value of your property and makes it more accessible for potential buyers. Getting an elevator installed at your property is easy and convenient as well as improving your quality of life.

At Professional Elevators, we meticulously craft and engineer our elevators to make them the very best in the market. Our certified elevator specialists help you find the perfect elevator for your building. We take responsibility for overseeing everything related to elevators and make sure it works efficiently & perfectly every day.

23 years in elevator industry

Experts to Help You Build an Elevator You Need

Professional Elevators has reached the heights today through ingenuity and hard work that is established over 20 years in business.

Our elevators are certified and comply with highest industry standards that have been fully approved. Our company is comprised of highly skilled, ethical and motivated people who are experienced in a wide variety of elevators. Our staff is dedicated to providing superior service when it comes to your commercial & residential needs.

The company is focused on keeping pace with international technology and providing great customer satisfaction.

Looking For An Elevator?

Elevators are becoming more popular as they’re being made available in hospitals, hotels and office buildings. If you’re looking for someone to install an elevator in your residence or business, you will need to find a company who specializes in this field.

Look no further, Professional Elevators is the answer.

why choose us

Why Choose Us?

An ISO 9001:2015 certified company whereby we mean, that we adhere to set Indian and International industry standards. Following such standards ensures safety to our customers and our staff which is one among our top priority.
  • We have been installing, repairing and maintaining lifts for over 20 years.
  • We have won multiple awards for our products and services.
  • We have a South India Wide network of installers and engineers.
  • Our engineers are experienced, qualified and highly skilled.
  • Government approved elevator manufacturing and installation company.

Why Elevator License is Important?

Lifting devices are now regulated well in advance of the construction of lifts, to ensure they are safe.

Elevators are an important part of any building. They are a crucial piece of equipment in many places, such as hospitals, residential apartments, commercial buildings and hotels. Such types of equipment need to be safe and reliable as an accident or malfunction can result in damage to man and material and may even be fatal.

The government, on its part, to ensure the safety of passengers has set up the Electrical Inspectorate department to inspect, verify and check the safety and quality of elevators. Buying and installing an elevator with a company that is not approved by the local government is illegal.

When you buy an elevator from a government-approved lift/ elevator company, you can be sure that the elevator is safe to use and will last for a lifetime. Once an elevator is installed by a government-approved company, lift inspectors visit your location to inspect and certify if the elevator has been installed in accordance with all prevailing safety standards and then they will issue a license to operate your elevator.

With this certificate and license, you can be sure that your elevator is safe to use and complies with all safety standards.

With recent amendments to the Tamil Nadu lift act 1974, it is imperative to purchase lifts from registered companies. The same applies to Karnataka and Kerala where the local governments have their own rules and regulations to manufacture, install and servicing elevators. We at Professional Elevators are a government-registered and approved elevator manufacturer in the states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. In other South Indian states, there are no local government regulations however we will have to follow all safety norms as per the Indian Standard of Safety of Lifts/ Elevators.

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