Designed For Moving Cars In Condominiums, Car Showrooms, Garages, Homes And More, Our Car Elevators Provide Space Saving, Easy-to-use Basement Or Rooftop Parking Solutions For High-density Locations Where Horizontal Land Space Is At A Premium.

Automobile Elevators

We manufacture automobile elevators for movement Cars, Bikes and LCVs. Professional Elevators’ Automobile elevators have a carrying capacity of 2000kgs, 3000kgs and 4000kgs. The speeds of these elevators range from 0.25mps to 1mps depending upon load and travel of the elevator. They are available in MR and Hydraulic operation. A testament to our range of Automobile elevators is the two Automobile elevators with a capacity of 3000kgs and a travel of 10 floors installed in Apollo Proton Hospital in Chennai. Apart from these elevators we have installed such elevators for various showrooms, commercial complexes and hotels across South- India and Sri Lanka.

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