Manual Door Passenger Elevators


Telescopic (Sliding) Big Vision Glass Doors



  • VVVF drive enabled Controllers

    Variable Voltage Variable Frequency (VVVF) drives provide smooth acceleration and deceleration of elevators by controlling input and output current of the motor. They offer a jerk- free start and stop. VVVF drives reduce consumption of electricity that results in running costs saving. The drives protect the operation of the elevators by preventing damage of critical moving parts in the elevators that result in lesser replacement of spares.

  • VVVF Door Drives

    These drives control the doors to operate in a smooth and efficient way. With VVVF drives door opening and closing timings can be independently controlled depending upon traffic conditions.

  • Light Curtain Door Sensor

    These door sensors offer IR beams to the full length of the door that prevent accidental closing of doors during movement of passengers.

  • Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

    In the event of power failure the in-built ARD system ensures that the elevator is taken to the nearest landing and opens the doors thereby ensuring that no passenger is left stranded inside the elevators.

  • Overload Device (OLD)

    OLD indicates in-case the elevators maximum carrying capacity is exceeded.