How Should Passengers Operate an Elevator During Covid-19 Times?

Safety, health and hygiene are of extreme importance to human beings, especially in the testing times of Covid-19. Everyone wants to be as safe as possible under all circumstances and take minimal risk. Elevators in the Covid-19 Pandemic The Coronavirus which causes COVID-19 primarily spreads through droplets of saliva or nasal discharge when an infected…

Top 10 Elevator designs

Top 10 Elevator Designs From The House of Professional Elevators

In today’s high-rise residential apartments and business complex skyscrapers, elevators are essential. Within just a few years from the 2000s, elevators have established a unanimous presence across buildings both big and small. It’s not just the big cities that exhibit this need for elevators in their compounds, however. Nowadays, even Tier 2 cities have elevators…